About Us

CE Connect is all about commercial improvement.

We provide support to companies or public sector organisations to improve their commercial operations and their procurement and supply chain performance. We  can also help them make a rapid improvement in sales whether in new or existing markets or with new or existing product or service lines.

We work with quality organisations where we feel we can make a real difference and where there is a significant chance of increasing commercial performance within a 12 month period. Located in the heart of the City of London, our partners and staff have significant experience in specific sectors, countries or commercial specialisms.

All of the CE Connect team have worked or advised leading European companies in the past thus enabling them to support clients in an unbiased and knowledgeable way to improve procurement, win business and/or to improve their operations.

CE Connect aims to add value through all areas of the business cycle and will work to:

  • Ensure there is clarity in the plan and a strategy for commercial improvement
  • Identify where we can help (whether in procurement or sales or both) and what the cost/benefit of that support might mean and how long it would take
  • Make sure that the company strategy is appropriate for the capabilities, competitors and market.

Though primarily operating in London, CE Connect’s team is based across the UK with partners in several European countries.

Contact Us

Email: info@ceconnect.uk

Tel:  +44 (0)20 7096 8434

Registered Address:
CE Connect (part of CE Capital Ltd),
124 City Road,

Our Services

CE Connect offer our clients 3 main services:

  • Procurement and Supply Chain improvement
  • Sales Improvement (including interim team enhancement)
  • Market and Strategy Consultancy