About Us

CE Connect supports technology and engineering companies by providing strategic, market or operational advice which will help their market and competitive positioning and/or new product introductions.

We only work with quality organisations where we feel we can make a real difference and where there is a significant chance of increasing market share or supporting new introductions over a 6-36 month period.

Co-located in the heart of the City of London with our parent CE Capital our partners have significant experience both of the landscape of opportunities in Europe – but also connections and knowledge of processes and strategies to win.

All of CE Connect’s team have worked or advised leading European technology and engineering companies in the past thus enabling them to advise clients in an unbiased but knowledgeable way to win business and/or to improve their operations.

From a strategy consultancy background we expect to play an active role in the development of our clients – to either improving their positioning in Europe – or expanding on a track record they might have built up on their own.

CE Connect aims to add value right along the cycle and will work to:

  • Ensure there is clarity in the plan and strategy for growth and/or price enhancement.
  • Optimise marketing of our clients’ products or services using the most appropriate benefits for the ultimate end-user.
  • Make sure that the strategy is appropriate for the capabilities, competitors and market.
  • Ensure the company and product is positioned well against leading competitors.
  • Conduct appropriate market research to differentiate our client against key competitors and help devise the right differentiation.

CE Connect’s team is based in different UK locations as well as European locations – although our main location is in London.

Contact Us

CE Connect,
Kemp House,
160 City Road,

Tel :
+44 (0)20 7096 8434



CE Connect offer our clients 3 main services:

  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Market and Operational Consultancy
  • Support in Winning Business